Blancomangiare is one of the oldest desserts from Sicily. The origins of Blancomangiare dates back to the Middle Ages and versions of this simple all white pudding are found in Turkey to Scandinavia.

Even though this desserts dates back to many older traditions as being a simple white pudding dessert, it is still served today and can be made traditionally or with added sauce and garnishments.

The recipe dates back to the Middle Ages and the word “Biancomangiare” means literally white food  and comes from the French expression blant manger, which meant mild simple dishes, something that people with stomachaches could eat in the league of a mild diet such as rice and chicken.

So in Italian the expression now in one word became Biancomangiare and started to be known as a sweet white pudding done with all white ingredients: milk, cornstarch and sugar. Below you will find our personal favorite recipe for Blancomangiare, cook and enjoy.


4 ounces blanched almonds

1 quart milk

1/2 quart cream

3 ounces sugar

1 pack of vanilla sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla bean

2 ounces corn startch

1 ounce gelatin

3/4 cup Orzata Liquor


  1. In a heavy sauce pot slowly steep the blanched almonds, milk, and cream.
  2. When the almonds are soft and start to break apart remove from heat.
  3. Let the almond mixture cool a few minutes then blend in a food processor and set aside.
  4. Strain the milk through a fine sieve into a clean sauce pot and add: sugar, vanilla sugar, vanilla bean, and corn starch.
  5. Bring the mixture back to the stove on medium heat, warm the mixture just to a boil and has become creamy and smooth, remove from the heat.
  6. Add the gelatin and Orzata Liquor, once again warming it to just under a boil.
  7. Pour into ramikins and let set in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

Buon Appetito

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